Space Maintainers

Your child’s baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth and are meant to eventually fall out, making room for their permanent teeth to grow. Unfortunately, sometimes baby teeth fall out prematurely, which can affect the growing process of the adult tooth underneath. In order to prevent a tooth abnormality, space maintainers are the perfect tool to make space for the adult tooth to grow.

How They Work

A space maintainer’s purpose is to “maintain space” between your child’s teeth while the adult tooth grows in its place. Without space maintainers, then your child’s adult teeth are in risk of being impacted. This can affect their oral health and may even cause them to need braces in the future. To combat this, there are two types of space maintainers.


Fixed space maintainers are maintainers that are cemented in place. They come in many designs but their purpose all remain the same; to be fitted onto adjacent teeth. This type of space maintainer is often preferred for young children as they do not move in the mouth and are less likely to break as a result.


Removable maintainers are maintainers that can be easily removed, as the name would suggest. Since they can be removed, they require to be cared for properly, which is why they are better suited for children who are older in age. These maintainers often come with a fake tooth attached, which is especially useful if the missing tooth is visible.

If your child has a missing tooth and you are afraid that it could affect their overall oral health, give our office a call! If you live in the Sparks, NV area, we would be happy to go over the options that we provide.