Tooth Extractions

Does My Child Need A Tooth Extraction?

Baby teeth are expected to fall out, but sometimes your child’s tooth can become so decayed that not even a root canal could save it. If this is the case, then the dentist will have no choice but to extract the tooth. If it was left in, then it could start affecting the overall health of your child. Another reason why your child’s tooth would be extracted is if the teeth surrounding it have been damaged or grown abnormally, impacting the remaining teeth. This could seriously damage the overall health of the mouth as well and the only way to prevent this is to extract the tooth. Also, children getting braces may require a couple of teeth to be extracted so they could make room for the other teeth to properly grow.

The Procedure

A tooth extraction procedure depends on a couple of variables. First off, if the tooth your child needs extracted is a simple case, then the procedure will only call for anesthetic and easy extraction. However, if the tooth has been impacted, meaning that it is being prevented from breaking through the gum, then the dentist will have no choice but to cut into the gum line. This would require your child to be numbed with nitrous or even sedated as the process can be quite extensive. One check-up with your child’s dentist will help determine the proper measures that need to be taken for your child’s specific case.

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