Treating Children With Disabilities

Every child deserves compassionate, personalized care. Children living with disabilities may face hardship in daily activities, but that should not be a barrier to getting the dental care they need.

Woman and child smilingOur practice is committed to the gentle & welcoming treatment of each & every child, regardless of ability.

Parents of children with disabilities may feel like dental visits are simply too difficult. They might have had bad experiences with previous dentists, or perhaps they visited dentists who were willing, but ultimately unable, to help. Parents understandably feel discouraged from seeking pediatric dental care when professionals are unable to treat their children in a way that respects their functional needs.

Trained Staff

We are dedicated to removing all obstacles to dental care for kids. If you’re the parent of a child who needs individualized attention, you can be sure that we will! Our trained staff has experience treating patients from many backgrounds. We take the time to ensure our patients feel comfortable & respected.

Equally important is addressing parents’ concerns. Our goal is honest & open communication to build your trust in us. Trust is the key to not only a successful appointment, but also a successful lifetime of dental health.

Tips On Preparing For Your Child’s Dental Visit

Parents should not be burdened with extra conditions to receive care for their children, but we encourage parents of children with disabilities to take steps to prepare for dental visits. These aren’t additional requirements because of your family’s circumstances—we give all parents these tips on how to be ready for your child’s dentist appointment!

  1. Make dental care a normal, positive & respectable concept at a young age. Your feelings about dentistry affect your child’s feelings on it too, so learn to let go of your own negative attitudes toward it. Giving a child great hygiene habits early can lead to lifelong rewards.
  2. Remove worry from dentistry. Why should healthy smiles be something to stress over? Your child can learn to appreciate dental care like we do!
  3. Have your child meet the dentist before their first appointment. Dentists love getting to know their patients. It’s how they find the best ways to treat them!
  4. Keep us informed. Tell us anything you think would help us better care for your child. If something about their condition changes, let us know before your next visit.

Help Us Better Care For Your Child

Like the parent of every patient, you are the person most equipped to teach us what your child needs. We learn best when parents contact us as soon as possible to ask about any information that might be relevant to their dental health or our work. Members of our practice are happy to work with you & your child to make sure you are both satisfied with the care we provide. We do our best to give every patient exactly what they need, but if you feel like there is anything we could do better, we invite you to give calm, constructive feedback.

We invite children living with a disability to be patients of our practice, where they will not feel unwelcome.

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